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Playing Animated .Gif files on Digital Photo Frame

posted this on November 01, 2012 10:25 PM

Our Digital Photo Frames cannot technically play animated .gif files.

HOWEVER, you are able to convert your .gif files into MPEG4/AVI video files. They work great and the motion will be  there.

We used the program and instructions below to convert:

Our frames essentially play MPEG-4/AVI videos taken on Camera's. The resolution for videos are 720 x 576.

Many videos have different encoding so it is sometimes possible that downloaded videos can be problematic during playback.

There are so many formats of video, not all of them will play. You will need to download a software program to do this yourself. A program that comes recommended is Any Video Converter:

1. Download it onto your computer first.

2. Load your video into the program by clicking on the “Add Video” Icon, or simply drag right into the window of the program.

3. Once loaded, at the top right of your screen there is “Output Profile”. There are 2 drop down menus. The first one will need to be set at “Video File”, the icon is a blue film strip. Once that is set, use the drop down to the right of that and select "Customized AVI movie (*.avi)”.

4. You will need to set up the Video Options. On the right middle of the program screen you will see “Video Options”. Below are the settings you need to choose:

Video Options:
Video Codec: MPEG4
Frame Size: 720 x 576
Video Bitrate: 768
Video Frame Rate: 25

***All the other settings should be preset, changing them will affect the playback of your video and possibly not play***

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